CIGE 1 [2015-2016]

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Expectations, hopes, fears


  • I expect this course to be an interesting one.
  • I expect the teacher to come up with interesting ideas and “games”.
  • I expect to learn new things which will help me in the future, not only in my career, but also in my personal life.
  • Anumite lecții, cursuri, să fie explicate în română pe lângă engleză.
  • Profesorul să aibă un ton de voce moderat, cât și rapiditatea cu care vorbește.
  • Exemple practice de management.
  • O interacțiune în cadrul cursurilor, pentru a asimila mai ușor informația.
  • Cred că o să fie interesant.
  • An active class.
  • To learn management.
  • Glume.
  • Relaxare.
  • Atmosferă lejeră de lucru.
  • Learning to manage a company.
  • Being involved in teams.
  • Group projects.
  • To be kept interested.
  • Common and special knowledge in finances.
  • Easy way through even the hardest task.
  • Learn about management.
  • Learn how to react in a tough situation.
  • An interesting teaching method.
  • Learn many words in English that are not connected to management.
  • Nice atmosphere.
  • Interesting and interactive courses.
  • Interesting and not so complicated classes.
  • To learn what management is about.
  • To be respected.
  • To be listened to.
  • To learn.
  • To understand.
  • The teacher to be understanding.
  • Mă aștept ca pe parcursul primului semestru să mă familiarizez, să mă obișnuiesc cu stilul de predare.
  • Mă aștept ca materia/materiile pe care le facem se vor îmbina spre formularea unui tot.
  • Punctualitate.
  • Seriozitate.
  • Atmosferă plăcută.
  • Înțelegerea materiei.
  • I’d like to understand everything.
  • Pass all my exams.
  • Learning and studying all the materials in English.
  • Good explanations of materials.
  • Everything depends on me.


  • I hope that we can understand each other very well.
  • I hope I will like this subject.
  • I hope I will learn how to manage my time better.
  • Să vreau să învăț pentru orele, examenele de aici.
  • Să înțeleg materia predată at least 90%.
  • Sper să îmi placă aceste cursuri, pentru că știu că o să am nevoie pt. viitor.
  • A funny class.
  • Having a lot of interventions.
  • Examen ușor.
  • Note bune.
  • Parcurgerea rapidă a materiei.
  • To be good at this subject, actually, to be the best at this subject.
  • To have a good relationship with the teacher and all my colleagues.
  • To get only 10s at the exams.
  • To like management.
  • To understand it.
  • That I’ll learn as the weeks go on and not before the exams.
  • I will have the job I always wanted (lots of $$$).
  • Get good grades.
  • Learn how to manage my time in a better way.
  • To see this job as an easy one or this activity.
  • Manage my activities better.
  • Learn helpful things.
  • To finish the all 3 years at the university with good grades and to accumulate a lot of knowledge.
  • To be able to come in class, even if 10-15 minutes late.
  • To have a fun time during classes.
  • To be able to enter the class even if I’m a bit late (10-15 minutes).
  • Sper că voi promova cu note mari examenele.
  • Sper să primesc bursă.
  • Sper să nu am restanțe.
  • I hope I will enjoy this class.
  • Understanding between teachers and students.
  • Understanding between students.
  • I hope I will like things that I’m learning at accounting.
  • I hope I’ll provide with success.


  • I’m afraid of not understanding the new concepts.
  • Îmi este frică de prea multă informație neconcretizată cu exemple din practică.
  • Not understanding.
  • Failing my exam.
  • Teme.
  • Manele.
  • Note mici.
  • Not being able to understand certain words or terms.
  • To make a fool out of myself.
  • That I won’t be able to keep up.
  • It’s gonna be hard.
  • I won’t be satisfied.
  • Not handling the course.
  • Boredom.
  • Bad grades.
  • Of having bad grades.
  • Of failure.
  • Of not getting along with everybody from the group.
  • Of embarrassment.
  • Of not passing the exams.
  • Am colegi care au absolvit liceul de profil economic sau secția engleză, mă simt dezavantajată.
  • Comunicarea în limba engleză.
  • I won’t find a job.
  • I won’t be able to graduate.
  • My classmates won’t like me.
  • Fear of unsuccess.
  • I’m afraid to be lazy.

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“Draw a manager”

[2015-2016] CIGE 1 – Draw a manager [3][2015-2016] CIGE 1 – Draw a manager [2][2015-2016] CIGE 1 – Draw a manager [1]

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First seminar classes feedback: “Draw a hand”

I want to know more about Something I learned I did not like Workplace atmosphere was It was too short [additional remarks]
Management consulting The history of management The tests Exciting. Interesting. Great The seminars are too short
Setting goals and reaching them The functions of management. That I have to read everything carefully Sometimes we were in a rush to complete all the worksheets Friendly, I felt relaxed The seminar about ethics
Running a personal business To set goals Great. Relaxing
How management works Management in real life Work in groups with classmates Fine Discussions
Nice, relaxing
About setting goals and planning Rushing through subjects Relaxed, challenging
How to use all this information in a managerial job How management developed as a subject over the years It was short Very pleasant Time
People and IT New concepts Some teachers teaching Alright My favourite classes
Types of managers Friendly and fun
Management History of management activity I can’t think of anything Awesome The seminar time
How to be a good leader How to manage my time and how to plan my activities Very warmful and friendly Because we need to hurry to do all the tasks
Management How to manage my time The schedule Funny
Management To manage things Perfect
I want to know everything it is to know What is management and how it developed It was good
How to develop a company That we have to be prepared for everything We don’t have enough time to explain everything Good The seminar
How to manage my time Failing to prepare is preparing to fail Amazing Time for exercises

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