FBE 1 [2015-2016]

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Expectations, hopes, fears


  • I expect to find out things which make me to pay attention all the time.
  • I expect to understand what is exactly the job of a manager.
  • The professor to explain the subject as clear as everyone could understand it.
  • Interactive seminars.
  • A good relationship between the professor and the students, which will provide to a good atmosphere during the lectures and seminars.
  • To understand the whole subject and what is management.
  • I’m expecting to pass the final exam with an above average mark/grade.
  • I expect that by the end of this academic year I’ll have at least an average understanding of management.
  • Get better at managing my own life.
  • I expect everything to be clear for me, in order to be able to manage the subjects in exams.
  • A second or more explanation if any student does not understand something that was explained in the course.
  • Extend my knowledge about the business world management.
  • The lecturer to use real-time examples, actual cases to demonstrate something. I would like to know what’s happening right now around me in Romania, in the world (Even if the Romanian examples are sometimes funny but true).
  • The lecturer to help us with providing useful links, or books’ names etc. Something that can get us closer to understand the lecture, that is a chance to deepen our knowledge.
  • To make it clear what we need to know for the exam. Anyway, those interested will read more / learn more, but just to know clearly.
  • To came well-prepared, both.
  • Knowledge about economics, management.
  • Get used to speaking in English.
  • An open-minded professor.
  • Well explained themes.
  • Organised presentations.
  • Respectful classmates.
  • Interesting lectures.
  • Good deal between the students and the professor.
  • To pass the exam.
  • To acknowledge a lot of new information I haven’t had access to until now.
  • To learn how to deal with particular situations from a manager’s point of view.
  • Several behaviour from the both sides –> teachers/students.
  • Study hard and pass all the exams which give me very well grades.
  • Understand everything what the teachers say during the lessons.
  • Enjoy the lessons –> be interesting.
  • Set goals -> reach them.
  • To learn as many things about management as possible.
  • To understand exactly what management is and not confuse it with other jobs.
  • To pass the exams.
  • Passing the final exam.
  • I expect to have the feeling that I actually learnt something from this subject.
  • I expect to get to be a better manager of my activities.
  • Learn something new.
  • Learning the basics of management.
  • To be able to understand specific terms.
  • To pass the exam.
  • Being introduced to the economical and specifically the management field.
  • Passing the exam.
  • I expect to get better at managing my own activities.
  • I expect to develop my managerial skill to a level at which I will be able to manage an entire organization.
  • I expect that we will learn different types of management (China; USA; UK).
  • Increase my managerial skills.
  • I would get a job.
  • I expect to get a job in USA after I will finish my studies.
  • I expect to learn a lot of things from this subject.
  • Master the main rules of management.
  • Increase my knowledge about leading/organizing others as much as I can.
  • Make more friends as this is a course about people, where I expect to work a lot with my colleagues.
  • To improve my thinking, my reactions after I learn exactly what to do when managing other people (I want to work more with humans).


  • To pass the exam with the highest mark.
  • I hope all the classes from 08:00 will be the same as this one.
  • I hope I can think the way how an English person.
  • To get good marks at the exams 😛
  • To like this subject and to learn or read about it with pleasure.
  • The prof. stays the way he is right now.
  • Our class will get introduced to real life examples of good and bad management.
  • Having enough knowledge about management that I’ll be able to continue my studies with an MBA.
  • Improving my leadership skills.
  • In case I will be late for good reasons or because I was stuck in morning traffic, I hope to let me attend the seminar.
  • To be that kind of cool class :-), good atmosphere, learning etc.
  • I will like it.
  • I will know it.
  • I will enlarge my knowledge about management.
  • The examination will be an easy one.
  • Train some managerial skills.
  • To pass the exam with a great grade.
  • To get rid of the fear of expressing myself in English (in order to avoid making mistakes).
  • To become more confident in my own power.
  • I hope I pick the Romanian language up as soon as I am able to.
  • I hope that everything is gonna be fine.
  • To always enjoy this course and finish it with a smile on my face.
  • To get good grades.
  • To always be interested in this course and not be bored during it.
  • Passing the final exam.
  • I hope learning for this subject will not take much of my free time.
  • Learn something useful.
  • Pass the class with 10.
  • The class to be later.
  • To have a grade of 9 or above.
  • To be able to have a better understanding of the concept of management.
  • Understanding everything from lectures and courses.
  • Liking the subject.
  • I hope the semianr from 08:00 will change to another time.
  • That management will help me in my life.
  • I hope that I chose the right university.
  • Master the art/science of management.
  • I will know everything about leading and motivating so in the future I may be the best leader of my generation.
  • To work in the management area and be a top manager one day.


  • Fear of studying in a foreign language, because I might not understand it on basics, so it may be more difficult to learn it.
  • NO FEARS! 😛 …. Be happy!
  • Not understanding the subject.
  • Oh yes! Exams define all my fears here.
  • EXAMS!!.
  • The economist job will not fit me.
  • Not to be able to put a basis of knowledge in this subject.
  • Having difficulties in organising the time allocated to studying.
  • Speaking in Romanian.
  • To fail the exams.
  • Be bored during the lessons.
  • To finish this course without understanding what a manager really does.
  • To fail my exam.
  • Not passing the final exam.
  • The schedule to start at 8 AM.
  • Hard exam.
  • Not understanding much.
  • Failing the exam.
  • I fear that management will get harder with every course and new topic.
  • My biggest fear is to talk in front of a crowd.

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“Draw a manager”

[2015-2016] FBE 1 – Draw a manager [2][2015-2016] FBE 1 – Draw a manager [1]

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First seminar classes feedback: “Draw a hand”

I want to know more about Something I learned I did not like Workplace atmosphere was It was too short [additional remarks]
Organizational goals and plans Theory Z. Importance of ethics. Stakeholders The lecture about the evolution of management Catchy, combative The time we had to finish some worksheets
Practical management Types of managements and managers 8:00 seminars Confortable
How to put in practice the management knowledge and skills that we aquired Psyhology of the workers. Types of management. Different ways to manage I liked everything Pleasant
How to practice the management knowledge and skills in real life Every team needs cooperation to finish their tasks Without any conversation Pleasant For everyone to comment
Mananegement in general. Maging a company General management terms. The difference between terms like “objective”-“goal” Seminar from 8 AM Relaxed
How companies develop their activity The functions of management Very nice Seminar
Managers, and how they do their job; also, examples from real life About managers and how they think about the people This early morning seminar (too sleepy) Okay The communication with the professor
Management About theories, managers. I have to read carefully the tasks :))) Friendly and good
Responsibility, real job of a manager in a company About manager’s work role The structure of the class sometimes Kind of cool The time to arrive to class by 8 AM 🙂
Management The seminar presentations! 😀 Enjoyable Every seminar
What implies to be in a leading position The most relevant 4 functions of management When we had to draw a manager Relaxing This seminar class
The way a manager should think in different situations Importance of teamwork in a company That we did not finish some exercises Good
Management POLC That the seminar is at 8 AM Relaxing. Amusing. Replaced my coffee No! A seminar lasts way too long! Nothing was short…
Economics Good question Math Tense The break
The difference between personal and impersonal relationships in a company Comfy, friendly
How to influence and manipulate the people and employees Is the functions of management The test and the mark I got (but I know that it was my bad) Very good and interactive Yes, and we had to work too fast
To organize things, how to set and achieve goals, manage different situations Functions of management Trying to imagine how a manager looks like & draw his appearance Interesting, useful and funny The seminars we had for work in teams
How to act in different situations a manager may face Theory X, Z, Y. How to think like a manager Drawing a manager Interesting, with great interactions The seminar about the organization and positions
How to lead and to work efficient with employees I’ve learned the importance of ethics Sometimes we hurry, due to the lack of time Interesting, very friendly and enjoyable The time, I felt the time was always too short to finish all our tasks
Different studies based on real experiments History of evolution of management. Types of managers Standing up at 07:00 Very comfy and pleasant
How to set goals and the tasks which should be performed by managers exactly How to make decisions efficiently; to work in teams The lectures regarding the evolution of management, it was a very theoretical part Full of happiness and calm! We’ve done interesting things! Some seminars seemed to be very short for me, especially when we were working in groups
1) The management, how to develop the necessary skills in order to be a good manager
2) Coaching and working as a team
3) How to make the best decision in the most critical moment
1) I’ve learned what does it mean management and what its main functions are
2) The manager’s occupation
How the managerial roles are classified
4) What knowledge and skills are necessary in order to be a good manager
The hierarchical levels
1) Sometimes we were supposed to complete the worksheets in a very short time
2) We didn’t have a homework, so we can’t take some points for our class activity
Pleasant and easy. The professor’s attitude towards students simplified our implication during the class. Also, the worksheets of each seminar made the understanding about the management domain easier The time we spent on each theme

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