MGE 1 [2015-2016]

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Exit slips (1)

This feedback addresses the classes held by professor Irina Salanță.

One of the groups

What I liked What I disliked Was missing
Liked: moral, examples, pretty much everyghing besides.
[my comment: maybe the student wanted to say morale (moral, stare afectivă), not moral (morală, etică)?]
Disliked: do not agree, and say “excellent” without anything which is not exc.
I liked: drawing + presenting case study I disliked: – Was missing: a few notes on the blackboard to explain the concepts
I like this class and I’m enjoying it.
1. The explanations
2. The worksheets
Not being a part of the first class 🙂
I liked the work papers and the communication within the class I disliked the short breaks COFFEE was missing
– the idea of this seminar.
– the fact that you always smile and keep a good atmosphere
the fact that you always give us the chance to speak and express our ideas
Nothing Nothing (I guess) 🙂
the activities Drawing work in groups
I liked that there is a very calm and friendly atmosphere in the classroom.
I also liked that I actually spoke in this cours.
good discussion
worksheet (writing down the roles again)
I liked the explanations of my classmates when they drawn and the interaction with you. It was interesting, I don’t have anything to comment here It was interesting, I don’t have anything to comment here
the communication drawing nothing 🙂
the worksheet the drawing COFFEE
I really liked how open was the class with a lot op opinions I disliked the drawing part. Nothing
I liked the team activities and the explanation of the question topics. I don’t really find anything what I didn’t like (maybe the drawing).
I liked your enthusiasm and your way of explaining things. Also I liked the fact that you were friendly and you constantly asked about our impressions of the first week. I disliked the early hour…
we had the chance to express ourselves, to share ideas 🙂 ? ?
The case study I’m not a talkative person, and I find it hard to express my thoughts in public. Nothing

The other group

What I liked What I disliked Was missing
The spirit of the discussions Nothing Nothing
Liked all the seminars, even the drawings, it is fun. Disliked when certain boys interrupted and talked about useless things. IT IS AWESOME
I like that your style of teaching keeps me interested and focused. I feel that I’m learning in a fun way. I like the creative exercises and worksheets. Sometimes I would like to share an idea, but I can’t, because I am a silent kind of person and the talkative ones talk really much so I can’t say my opinion. I should change and be more brave and talkative 🙂
I liked your approach on teaching, and your accent also. It is a good thing that you let us express ourselves and stimulate our creativity.
I like how you interact with us and just make everyone want to share their opinions. I also like this stuff, with “liked, disliked, should change…” because in this way everyone can tell their problem.
Last, but not least, I really like your English.
Nothing ‘till now!
I like this seminar because you try to implicate all of us in activities.
[my comment: a implica (în muncă, în învățare etc.) = to involve (acesta este verbul care trebuie folosit atât în școală, cât și în management); to implicate înseamnă a atrage în ceva rău.]
Liked the attitude of the professor and the way of teaching. Disliked that it’s from 8 o’clock.
I liked the way you treat the subject, I can’t get bored during it. I also appreciate that you are listening the student’s opinions and feedbacks.
1. Easy to understand (examples)
2. Worksheets
3. A lot of discussion, activity, taking time to ask everybody.
4. A very pleasant attitude, always happy and encouraging ❤
I like management courses as much as its seminars. Seminars tend to be more interesting, due to their interactivity.
I like your friendly and cheerful attitude.
Change the time :)), 8 A.M. is just too early in the morning. I am good for nothing in that time period.
Liked the working sheets*
* and your eyebrows 😀
Disliked the questions from our classmates because they are too many and also kind of boring/useless. I think nothing, because everything is alright.
everything, the activity 🙂 we should drink some coffee in the morning 🙂 I mean everybody.
How the lecture goes
[my comment: lecture este prelegerea (cursul), seminarul este seminar (sau seminar class).]
The early hour of the lecture My sleeping schedule.
case study
style of teaching (conversation)
– Keep at it! I have no complains 🙂
communication in the class
I liked the case study
the case study!
the interactive activity

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First seminar classes feedback: “Draw a hand”

I want to know more about Something I learned I did not like Workplace atmosphere was It was too short [additional remarks]
Business ethics Learned new things When the otehrs speak Romanian in a group work Very good! There are some very ambitious people, so I like the work with others
Very funny
Management Getting up so early Very good
Open minded
Management Friendly
Open minded
Ethical behaviour Repeating the things we already discussed on a worksheet (again). Would be better to do it the same time. 🙂 Very open, nice Our first seminar classes were very good!
I’m confident that ‘till the end of the year we’ll cover all the important stuff A lot of interesting things That we don’t have more debates, but it’s OK Dynamic / interesting The case studies
Work ethics Some shareholders Nothing Fun No
Job of the manager, business ethics, the steps a manager should follow: planning, organizing, leading, controlling Friendly
Management Manager’s job; history of management; business ethics Friendly, calm
About stakeholders, hierarchy I liked everything Excellent
I learned quite a few things To wake up at 8 Awesome
About business ethics No such a thing! Good!
Good To read case…

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