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Expectations, hopes, fears


  • I expect I would learn a lot about management and the other courses and seminars during those 3 years.
  • I think I will learn the English language very well, that I can reach a very high level.
  • I expect that I will get a high knowledge of management and everything that is connected to this subject.
  • I expect that if I go abroad to work I will get a job easily.
  • And I hope that WE WILL PLAY MORE GAMES during the semester and the whole year.
  • I expect that we will learn about how to manage a company.
  • I think it will be good to make projects together (teacher too),
    where the teacher gives us the best ideas/solutions.
  • To find a good job after graduating.
  • To make friends.
  • To pass all the exams.
  • To be more organized than I am now.
  • To have a big family.
  • To be healthy.
  • To become a successful persona from every point of view.
  • To be more patient.
  • I expect to learn a lot from managing. I think that the knowledge accumulated here should help me become a more organised and time efficient person.
  • I believe that this efficiency should become a game changer in my personal and also in my professional life.
  • I expect to learn more about communication between people and basics of starting a self-sustaining business or at least something useful about businesses in general.
  • Talk about different situations regarding management.
  • Study about different businesses around the world.
  • I expect to learn how a business should be controlled or more likely what you have to do in order to succeed because every step is important.
  • Learn a lot of things about management and try to put them in practice.
  • Improve my knowledge in this area and learn how to manage my own resources.
  • Study management and all about it.
  • Know very well the terminology of management in English.
  • To learn about management (“insider’s edition”) and how to apply tips and tricks on our everyday life.
  • Learning with fun.
  • Not to be so hard.
  • Learn how to become good managers.
  • Learn new words related to this course that are difficult words we didn’t know they exist.
  • I think teachers should encourage us to speak even if we are shy,
    because this will help us not to find speaking in front of somebody such a terrifying thing.
  • They [the professors] should also give us all the information that is necessary in order to get a 10.
  • This course and this seminar should help me to improve my English.
  • This course should prepare us for finding a good job after finishing the university.
  • I expect everything to go smoothly and finish every topic in time for the exam.
  • Profitable business.
  • Successful career.
  • Family playing an important role in my business/future.
  • Having a partner.
  • Gaining experience day by day.
  • I expect a lot of communication and activities, because management is such a complex subject.
  • My expectations about management are to learn new things about the work of the firms.
  • I think I will learn new skills.
  • To do more fun activities like we did in the first and in the second seminars.
  • To understand the concepts mainly from the course and the seminar./li>
  • I am sure that at the end I will learn a lot of things from each class.
  • I expect that this particular course will provide me and my colleagues with relevant information regarding each and every aspect of management that needs to be understood by us in order to be able to apply the concepts in the following years.
  • I think that these seminars should be very interesting. We should learn the meaning of the management and who is a manager.
  • My expectations are that we will study and learn the basics of management in an easy way, hopefully.
  • [Management:] I expect that both the seminars and the courses to be interactive.
  • [Management:] I expect to learn a bunch of stuff about management, using critical thinking and logic and no learn things by heart.
  • [General:] To be so well-prepared that I could find very easily a job.


  • I hope I would get over my fear of talking in public.
  • I hope I will pass all of the exams with brio.
  • I hope I will get a good grade in the exams.
  • I hope the projects and other exercises won’t be that hard.
  • I hope that I will go through these 3 years easily and no one will quit or give up, because I am starting to like the group.
  • I hope that after graduation I will find a good and well-payed job easily.
  • I hope my professors won’t change because I really really like both Irina and Dan.
  • I hope that we’ll do exercises in groups, like this one. [??? – this was not a collective exercise 🙂 ]
  • I hope that everybody will pass the exam :))
  • And I hope that we’ll play a lot because we are kids inside :))
  • To be more punctual.
  • Well, I do not expect to be the most lucrative person in my group,
    but I really hope to dump some of the laziness accumulated over the high school years and just become a more lucrative person.
  • I hope that at the end of the semester at least 50% of my expectations are achieved.
  • To hear about cars/technology.
  • To hear stories about real life situations.
  • To get the opportunity to have a manager of a company from Cluj and tell us how it feels to be a manager.
  • I would like it to be an interactive seminar because I think it’s better to learn in a practical way then learning everything by heart (and after a month forgetting everything).
  • I would like to improve my level of English, so that I could answer all the questions 🙂
  • To have some real experiences, where we can use our management knowledge in real life.
  • I would like it to be fun, hopefully more activities and group projects, and easy exams/test.
  • Interactive seminars.
  • Funny topics.
  • I don’t expect, but I would like, not to have to speak in front of the class and the final grade to be made only of written exam.
  • I hope that I’ll get to learn stuff in a more relaxed manner.
  • I hope that I’ll understand things as easy as I did during this seminar.
  • I hope I’ll be able to submit the projects in time.
  • Everything will be OK.
  • Everything I wanted to do about a certain age would be done by then.
  • Changing myself as a persona and maturing by the time I am making an important decision.
  • I hope I’ll learn many things, not just management but also how to deal with the social life and communicating with people.
  • I hope that I learn many things about management, because in future I would like to work in a firm or start a personal firm.
  • I hope I will get a good grade.
  • I hope the exam will not be very difficult.
  • My memory is not as amazing as it used to be, so I really hope that I will be able to remember most of the lectures. The great thing is that our teacher apparently understands the amount of information we are gonna be faced with, so she comes up with very interesting activities that I’m convinced will help us remember concepts of management in the long run.
  • I hope that the next courses and seminars would be like the first ones.
  • Besides the lessons, I would like to communicate with my colleagues and to learn about the managers’ role.
  • My hopes are that we will learn and study management with some practical applications beside the actual seminars and courses.
  • Also I hope our lectures will be interesting.
  • [Management:] If we could take 2-minute breaks when we can’t focus anymore.
  • [Management:] Maybe some games in order to put into practice what we learn.
  • [Management:] I’d love to get a 10.
  • [General:] To attend every seminar/course.
  • [General:] I’d love to become an auditor/financial expert.


  • I’m afraid of speaking in front of a lot of people.
  • I am afraid of talking in front of my group, because maybe if I make mistakes they will laugh at me.
  • I am afraid of not passing the exams, not only in the exam period,
    but in the reexamination day.
  • I don’t have fears, everything can be solved! Even the exam paper :))
  • Public speaking.
  • Losing my motivation.
  • Losing people who are important to me.
  • My fear is that I will probably trying to do too many things at once and I may mess some of them up because of this.
  • My fears also include maths and sometimes heights.
  • I try to think positive and believe that everything will be fine in the end. But realistically speaking I’m afraid I’ll lose concentration from time to time.
  • To write something on the board.
  • Failing.
  • _
  • At the moment I do not have fears about this course because I find it attractive and interesting.
  • Having to learn pages and pages of information and then to forget it all.
  • Boring information and presentation.
  • Boring course.
  • Many things to do.
  • Hard exams.
  • I’m afraid that I won’t be able to speak in front of the class and this thing is mandatory, I suppose, because we have a project to present.
  • Long, boring, formal lectures.
  • Big projects, short deadlines.
  • Low success.
  • Death.
  • No socialisation after e period of time.
  • Not understanding the consequences.
  • Spending time and money on something that isn’t worth it.
  • My fear would be to get in an awkward situation with someone from the class or to disappoint the teacher.
  • My first fear is to fail the exam because I don’t understand English very well and I have fear that arguments are difficult.
  • I fear that I will forget about my project or that I will lose my portfolio (because I am clumsy :))) ).
  • My biggest fear is that I might not be able to open up and share ides with my classmates and, of course, like any other student, I’m unsure about what my grades will be like and whether I will pass the exams or not. Still,
    I really do try to keep a positive attitude.
  • I don’t have fears when I think about Management courses and seminars.
  • My fears are that we will have too many projects and lectures and it will be hard for use to study so many new terms.
  • [Management:] To come to the university and find out that the seminar/course will not be hold.
  • [Management:] Surprise test.
  • [Management:] Not being able to express myself properly in English.
  • [Management:] Not being able to answer questions related to the subject (from the material we were supposed to learn from, for example).
  • [General:] Drop out.
  • [General:] Not being able to pass all my test.

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